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Piotr Mazurek Piotr Mazurek

I began my career in PHP technology when I graduated from University of Technology majoring in technical physics. Throughout my life I have always been interested in programming and from the young age I was involved in IT related projects. I also had an adventure with Linux servers administration. I am currently a Python developer at STX Next, where I am part of the team that creates software for customers in the banking sector. In addition, I write articles and I am involved in educational projects, supported by the company, such as Python Has Power.

Wstęp do warsztatów - PHP vs Python, podstawy

Już w listopadzie startują warsztaty z podstaw Pythona dla programistów PHP w ramach akcji Python Has Power.

Python vs PHP - business and developer’s view

Although 21 century definitely belongs to IT specialists, being a good developer is neither easy nor cheap. Programmers are in constant process of learning and developing skills, in a state of permament change. Being called a geek is a compliment which shows just how engaged you are and how advanced is your knowledge.

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